The Gatherin’ Girl is the brainchild of Chef Tori Loomis, and was inspired by her love of outdoor cooking and the camaraderie that exists within in a camp or lodge setting.
Tori is deeply connected to the source story of each morsel put on her plates. She revels in sharing her passion for food as part of the total experience. 
The Gatherin’ Girl provides a unique dining experience tailored-made for each client.Whether you are a hunter, a gatherer, an adventure seeker, or just an enjoyer of good food, The Gatherin’ Girl can provide your guests with all the flavors necessary to fall in love with the great outdoors.

Victoria Loomis

Chef/Culinary Visionary/Outdoor Enthusiast/Food Stylist

Chef Victoria ‘Tori’ Loomis, a Louisiana native, found her passion for cooking as a small child at the heels of her father. As a young adult she continued to develop her appreciation for nature and created deep-seeded memories connecting the land or lake, directly to the table. She honors the effort it takes to bring a meal from harvest to the plate, and that respect is evident in every meal she prepares. She has a deep rooted appreciation for bringing people together, to gather, and to #EATGOODFOOD.

As an avid outdoors person and nature enthusiast she practices the concept of taking things in their natural state and making them enjoyable. Tori is passionate about telling authentic stories through food. She believes whole heartedly in the power of influence through food, art and the human connection. Having attended the Louisiana Culinary Institute, Tori has spent the last fifteen years in the restaurant and hospitality industry telling those stories.

"My biggest mentor has been my father, but others that have added to my culinary experience include Chef Andrew Hale, Chef Kelley McCann, and Chef Regina Charboneau. Through these mentorships I’ve had the opportunity to extend myself into several community and charity events including the Natchez Little Theatre, Natchez Food & Wine Festival, and becoming a graduate of James Beard Foundation Women in Leadership ‘Owning it’ Program." 

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